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The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation 29 CFR 1910.156(c)(1) applies to all fire departments in New York State.  The regulation requires that fire department members must be provided with training and education “associated and consistent with the duties and functions that such fire department members are expected to perform”.  This regulation is intended to ensure the safety of all firefighters.  It requires fire departments to provide initial and annual refresher training to all members.  

The following OSHA/PESH training topics are provided annually for all members so that those members demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the topics listed:

Members who cannot attend the scheduled OSHA Training sessions posted on the Details/Drills/Training Schedule are required to take online training using Target Solutions.  Access to Target Solutions is provided to all active members.  The mandatory training sessions that meet the requirements outlined above will be assigned to each member as necessary to meet the annual OSHA requirements.  Once the online training is assigned, members will have 30 days to complete each topic. 

According to the OSHA Regs/NYS Laws, all members shall be “re-trained/demonstrate proficiency” in all applicable OSHA regulations outlined above every twelve (12) months.  Therefore, members who do not meet this annual requirement within the necessary time frame will be taken "offline" until the required training obligation is met.  




This is the Halfmoon Fire District No. 1 Service Award Program Point System adopted by the Halfmoon Fire District No. 1 Board of Fire Commissioners.  The Point System is intended to comply with Article 11-A of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York (i.e., the Service Award Program law).  Click HERE to view the Halfmoon Fire District No. 1 Service Award Program Point System.  



All expense reimbursement requests require complete documentation and approval with TWO signatures.  CLICK HERE to download a REVISED copy of the Expense Reimbursement Form.  Remember that copies of all checks and/or receipts must be included with this form.